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Vertical Sliding Windows
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A vertical slash sliding window, gives you the full aperture of your window, allowing in maximum light. Based on the traditional sash window design, our vertical slash windows are made using the most up to date, energy-efficient materials. Made to measure and available in a range of finishes, this type of window fitting works on an unhinged mechanism and simply slides from top to bottom or vice-versa. Excellent for windows where you might be short of space or simply want an elegant frame that will be in keeping with your property and let in maximum light.
Classic Appearance
Designed specifically to give you that classic period looks with modern energy-efficient materials.  The overall appearance of the vertical slider can be designed to suit your home with optional Georgian bars, or deep bottom rail designed to give you that classic original sash window look.
Durable with minimal maintenance
Vertical sliding windows don’t rely on springs and pulleys which can wear over time, therefore give you peace of mind that your windows are more durable than some other conventional window types.  Minimal parts to the vertical slider mean that there are fewer components to clean, making keeping your windows clean much less effort.
Easy to open and close
The simple sliding design makes the vertical slider window system extremely easy to use. No complicated latches, you just need to push the window frame and window will glide open with ease. You can opt to have just one sliding pane and the other fixed, or both open to give you flexibility and ease of use.
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