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Patio doors are designed using a sliding door mechanism allowing you to smoothly open and close the doors to allow as much or as little fresh air into your home. Patio doors provide a stunning backdrop to any room and can act as a full aperture window to gaze outside and at the same time acts as a space-saving sliding access door. The integrated locking system, as well as thermally insulated, patio doors are a real no brainer in a range of living scenarios. Available in a range of finishes, widths and styles.
Space saving design
Easy, smooth gliding glass doors, that slide across on runners, are an excellent space-saving design, as you don’t need to worry about obstructions inside or outside to open the doors. The sliding panes can be opened up to allow just as must breeze in as you like, and give that extra bit of flexibility in the home. This style of door also works well with blinds and curtains due to the static nature of the fixtures.
Energy Efficient
Made of toughened glass, double or triple glazed, the sliding patio door design is a super slick state of the art design and gives you a completely airtight seal around all of the edges. There is no risk of any unwanted draughts with this design of door. The double or triple glazed feature insulates your home and helps to keep your home warm and from any unnecessary heat escaping.
Add Value
Sliding patio doors can give your home and indoor-outdoor vibe and can add value to your home, as you give the effect of bringing together indoor and outdoor space and maximize the potential of your home. Adding an extra living area to your home and a bright and airy feeling, the sliding patio design gives your home that extra design edge that buyers will find attractive.
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