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A Georgian conservatory is based on Edwardian design and features clean lines, symmetry and a square or rectangular footprint. The shape of the Georgian conservatory is well suited for laying out your furniture inside and ensures that you waste as little space as possible. Typically the ceiling gives a high vaulted ceiling effect allowing in floods of light and giving your conservatory as a real sense of space. Light and airy, and not too fussy the Georgian conservatory can add real value to your home, as it acts as another living space for you and your family to enjoy.
Add Value
The Georgian design of conservatory comes with a walled base and is a conventional square or rectangular shape. This makes it very practical for furniture and allows you to fit in your settee, dining set or other large pieces of furniture. The given flexibility of the Georgian conservatory allows you to use the room in a variety of ways and adds value to your home in more ways than one. The resale value of your home will increase with the addition of a Georgian conservatory.
The Georgian style of conservatory is the most versatile, in the sense that it suits almost every type of house type, from an old country cottage to a shiny new build property. The square design also means that you waste very little space outside as you can line it up neatly with the edge of your garden or property. The design can be the size you wish and the frames and handles, as well as finer detailing can be specified so that you can achieve the look that you desire.
Easy to clean
The simplistic geometric shape of the Georgian conservatory combined with long-lasting and easy to maintain materials makes it easy to clean.
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