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Bifold Doors
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Bring the indoors and outdoors closer together with a stunning floor to ceiling Bi-Fold door. Manufactured using state of the art toughened glass with thermal insulating properties, bi-fold doors are designed to fold into itself meaning you completely utilise the available space. This stunning glass wall design, in either slim or wide pane panels, allows you to enjoy the best of all weathers, with folding doors which can open up completely. This type of door not only can be used as an opening from your downstairs living space into the garden in the summertime but can also be used inside the house to bring together adjoining rooms and add versatility to your living space.
Not only can the Bi-fold completely open up, and almost fold away completely out of sight but they can be customized and built into the space you desire to be as wide and as tall as you wish. You have the freedom to choose from a wide variety of frame colours and finishes to be in keeping with your design vision. The other fantastic thing about designing the Bi-fold for your home is that you can choose how many individual panes you would like and how wide you would like them to be as they come in various widths. You have the added flexibility of choosing where the main opening to your room will be too, you are able to lock the entire Bi-fold door and leave just one door open to act as your main access point.
Create flow
Full height window panes help to create a flow between two spaces and give a seamless sense of more space, as you benefit from a flush floor level between the two areas. You will have more freedom of how you can utilize the spaces inside and outside your home.
Add Value
Undoubtedly Bi-Fold doors add value to your home. The statement that they give to any room in your home whether the door is to adjoin two rooms or to your garden or decking is second to none. Setting a statement in your home and making your living space even more desirable. A worthy investment and great value for money, talk to us about the options.
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