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Victorian Conservatories
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Victorian conservatories are what most people imagine when they think of a conservatory for their home, and they are the most versatile too. Victorian conservatories can suit any house type whether it be a new build or a period property and acts as a timeless feature to any home. A Victorian conservatory gives you endless design options, whether you would like a pitched or gothic style roof, a wide bay window, right down to the detailing on the glasswork and door. Depending on the size of your conservatory you can choose from either 3 or 5 facets which act as segments for the shape of your conservatory and give it it’s classic Victorian design.
Add Character
The Victorian conservatory is characterised by the steep pitched roof combined with a bayfront. The amount of detailing that you would like on your Victorian conservatory is completely up to you depending on how traditional you would like to go.  Most Victorian conservatories feature dwarf walls around the bottom section of your conservatory which gives a sense of the conservatory being a part of the main house build.
Add Value
The addition of a conservatory to your home, not only adds more living space but adds more light and if you’re thinking of the future value of your home, adds value!  The increased square footage in your home can be very easily achieved with the addition of a Victorian-style conservatory. They look fantastic and give a more unique look to newer builds as well as interest to older properties.
Make more of your garden
A conservatory not only gives you extra space in your home but allows you to be closer to your garden. You can sit and admire your garden all year round without worrying about what the weather is doing. We can also install a warm roof on your conservatory, which gives the added benefit of staying warm in winter. Ask us for more information on the warm roof system.
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