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Composite Doors
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Reinforced composite doors for the front or back of your home, provide unmeasurable security with a multipoint locking system, durable steel hinges and provide excellent energy efficiency.  Not only will your composite door keep the cold draughts out, but it also acts as a superb noise insulator keeping noise to a minimum, perfect if you live on a busy road.  Available in an endless range of stylish and sturdy designs, colours and finishes to fit in with the style of your property.
Unmeasurable Security
The inside of the door is made of steel and hardwood frame, which makes the door strong and sturdy. The outside is usually high-quality uPVC or a hardened weatherproof woodgrain effect, and any glass panels are toughened and built into the door so ensure that your composite door is a safe and solid structure. The multipoint locking system using a 6 pin cylinder, prevents intruders from gaining access by picking or drilling the lock.
Long Lasting
This type of door is long-lasting, much more so than you standard door as they are made using toughened finishes which are resistant to damage from everyday wear and tear. The materials used are weather-resistant and aren’t prone to swelling due to bad or damp conditions and therefore much less likely to warp or develop problems. Composite doors come finished in high-quality materials so no painting is required, and you simply just need to keep the door clean by wiping it down. The colour does not fade and your home will always look fresh and up to date.
Energy Efficient
Composite doors contain inner insulation which gives added benefit all year round. They are also fitted perfectly to the opening and frame meaning that you have a completely airtight seal to stop any unwanted draughts in your home.
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